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Transportation and Trucking Insurance

At Weer Insurance Group in Spring Grove, IL, we offer a variety of insurance coverage options. From auto insurance and health insurance to life insurance and more, we have the solutions you're looking for to get the coverage you need. One of the options we share with our valued customers includes transportation and trucking insurance.

What is Transportation and Trucking Insurance?

If you're involved in the transportation of any type of goods or materials in Illinois as a commercial company, then you'll need transportation and trucking insurance to protect yourself, your vehicles, your workers, and your products.

What's Covered Under the Policy?

Depending on where you're located and what type of policy you get, there are different things that are covered by transportation and trucking insurance. In Illinois, you can expect to have protection for things like:

  1. Liability insurance - protection from accidents and injuries. Usually,, this will cover things like bodily injury if the trucker for your company is found to be at fault.
  2. Physical damage - theft, vandalism, and natural disaster damages are able to be recouped through physical damage coverage.
  3. Cargo insurance - if goods you're transporting and damaged somehow in the process, you are covered from losses with cargo insurance.
  4. Motor truck general liability insurance - this is further protection for your business against anything occurring during your daily operations, like an accident happening on your property.

It's important to speak to our professionals about what we have available and what you need to protect all of your assets.

Reach Out to Us Today!

We encourage you to reach out to Weer Insurance Group in Spring Grove, IL today to get more details about transportation and trucking insurance. We can go over your needs and expectations and provide you with a quote so you can know exactly what to expect for a cost. Call or stop in now!

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